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Sectional Title Management


Being part of a Body Corporate comes with a whole set of responsibilities that don’t exist with standalone house ownership. For instance, Bodies Corporate must hold general meetings at least once a year to make important joint decisions, organize insurance and have a plan for long term maintenance. Keeping on top of this can be time-consuming and complicated, but you can trust us to make sure everything is done right.


We offer a comprehensive range of sectional title management and administration services to sectional title schemes, body corporate, sectional title property owners, and sectional title trustees.


From experience, property owners and sectional title trustees have little time to get involved in managing their day to day affairs and prefer a professional to manage their affairs and assets.


Our main objective is to meet the property owner’s requirements in providing a stable and secure environment and to provide a professional property management service to members of a home owners association or to owners of a sectional title scheme.



So, What Is A Body Corporate?


If you own property under a unit title, you’re part of a Body Corporate. It’s a legal entity of its own, making you and your fellow owners jointly responsible for such things as paying levies and caring for common areas. Keeping it running smoothly is a lot of work, but a professional Body Corporate management company can take care of many of these tasks for you.



How We Can Help You


You have enough to think about without adding building insurance, financial reports and dispute management to the mix. Let us do the hard work so you can quietly enjoy your property. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your legal responsibilities are being met, and we’ll give you accurate information and sound advice.



Working Together


With Chili Property Management, your Body Corporate is in safe hands. Your money is kept in an account that’s reconciled monthly and audited independently every year. Switching to Chili Property Management is easy – we’ll take care of all the formalities.



Our Services:


Chili Property Management is here to make your life easier. Our services include:


  • Arranging competitive insurance quotes

  • Calculate, invoice and collect levies from owners

  • Debtor control

  • Prepare a draft budget for consideration at the annual general meeting

  • Give notice of, and hold, the annual general meeting

  • Prepare and distribute the minutes of the annual general meeting

  • Distributing correspondence

  • Preparing annual financial reports

  • Paying invoices and expenses Investing surplus funds

  • Attending to queries

  • Arranging long-term maintenance plans

  • Dealing with third parties

  • Recommending contractors for repairs and maintenance

  • Maintain a register of owners, and record changes of owners’ contact details

  • Financial Management

  • Ensure your Body Corporate meets its obligations under the Sectional Title Act

  • Manage the contract with any third party employed by the Body Corporate for inspections of lifts, fire protection services and other safety requirements

  • Advise the owners’ committee on maintenance issues

  • If required source quotations for minor maintenance work to the common property

  • Monitor cash flow

  • And Many more tailor made for your benefit.



Switching to Chili Body Corporate Management is easy.

Just contact us and we’ll take care of all the formalities.

Contact: Andre @ +264 812523126 or